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DIY LED Reflector kit, 0.092 inch, 2.34 mm thick


LED strips

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With this kit, you can put these PCB based LED strip to your OEM reflectors.

You can put any Flexible type LED strips into your reflectors but you will possibly see some failure, so we made our own thin PCB based LED strip only for the reflectors.


We have 2 different LED strip types, one regular version and thinner version


This is the regular version but if you don't have enough space in the reflectors, you can get the thinner version, and here is the link

Click -> Link to the thinner version


This kit contains a pair of reflector control module (PBT module)

and our regular version LED strip. 


One LED strip size is 

0.6735 Inch x 0.300 Inch x 0.092 Inch  (+ - 0.01 Inch)

171 mm x 7.62 mm x 2.34 mm  (+ - 0.02 mm)


If you have shorter sized reflectors, you might need, just one,

but if you need longer sized reflectors, you can get several of these.


Please contact us if you have any questions, thank you.




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