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Honda custom dome light interior kit - Festoon type - 31mm


4K warm white
5K pure white
6K cool white
Mix and match - Please write the color you want

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Made in USA

Please check your bulb type

31mm festoon type bulb


Comparison photos to stock begin at 5:23    


To Remove light covers & replace light:  


Map Lights - 1:00  

1. Use provided tool, (recommended to cover the tip with plastic to prevent the scratch), push in to middle side of cover edge lift up and pull down. Should pop out, then repeat for the other side.

2. Pull down on stock light to remove, push new light in (it does not snap just push until its in). If it does not light then pull it out and flip it around and re-install.

3. Push cover back on, will snap in to place  


Vanity Lights - 3:31

1. With provided tool, at the bottom there is a inverted tab just insert the tool and lift up the cover will pop loose.

2. Pull the stock light out, push in the new light that its secure in the middle of the prongs. If it does not light then pull it out and flip it around and re-install.

3. Push the cover back in until it snaps in to place  


Trunk Light - 3:51

1. Pull down on the light cover from both sides, the cover will pop off.

2. Disconnect the light harness on the left side

3. Pull out the stock light, and connect the new one.

4. Replug the harness and make sure the light works.

5. Push the cover back in, it will snap in to place  


Dome Light - 2:40

1. With the provided tool, on each side there are tabs that you will take the flathead side and push in to lift up then pull down. The cover will pop loose.

2. CAREFULLY, pull out the stock light. Be sure to get a good grip on the stock bulb and move slow. You do not want it to pop out in to the headliner

3. Take the connector for the new light and slide it in to the prongs. It does not click to let you know that it is in. If it does not hold in the connector then pull it out, take 2 fingers and squeeze the prongs a little and retest.

4. Flip on the switch to make sure it is working. If it does not light then pull it out and flip it around and re-install.    


Adjusting the brightnessThe dome and map lights allow you to adjust the brightness with 2 screws  

1. With the provided tool, take the flathead side and turn the screw either way to adjust to your brightness

2. For the other light that did not adjust just repeat the step above with the other screw.

Dual LED control modules

Dual brightness setup for design

Dual color possible for mood light


Dual color possible for mood light

If you want to get the dual color LEDs, 

Please choose the Mix and Match option and leave a note.

(We will upgrade this site soon for the options)



Dual brightness setup for design



  • Brand new
  • Free shipping in United States
  • Best quality LEDs, using current control module on the LEDs for longer life expectancy
  • Custom LEDs for your interior lights 
  • For Honda dome light ~2012
  • Festoon type 31mm

Product contains

1 of dome light

  • Lead time - 3 business days
  • We are an authorized CorsoMotion dealer (Headquarter)
  • We advertise at the lowest price CorsoMotion allows (Ensures valid warranty)
  • Custom made in Los Angeles, California, using OEM reflector housing


This custom made LED interior kits provides the 'brightest' light output with stable performance
CorsoMotion is the custom LED specialist to many automobile manufacturers.  Why not buy your products from the best?

Plug and play style so everybody can install it.  
  Please contact us with application questions prior to your purchase.

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