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10pcs/Lot 4pin RGB Led Connector Wire Female Connector Cable For 3528/5050 SMD Non-Waterproof RGB Led Strip Light | 10pcs



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10pcs/Lot RGB 4 pin Female Connector Wire Cable 4pin PCB Board Connector Wire For Flexible 5050/3528 RGB LED Strip Light
How to Use:
1) Open the connector
2) the surface of the connector labeled positive and negative level, flexible light strip on the positive connector on the positive, negative to negative, and then replace the terminal
3) power can light up
Note: If not, check the light bar is good, positive and negative are not reversed. Positive and negative backwards will not burn out the lights, do not worry!
1) Can quickly connect the power supply, saving labor
2) without welding
3) exquisite workmanship, using ABS raw materials
4) fully in line with the structure of the 5050/3528/3014 RGB soft light,  4PIN  RGB color flexible light strip perfect combination
10pcs/Lot led strip Female connector cable 
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