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Interior Door light add on kit, for Honda Accord 9th, coupe, pair


5000K pure white
6000K cool white
UV light

Product Details

2x CorsoMotion door lights
2x OEM Door light cover lenses
2x Door light plugs
1x Add on fuse
wire and wire tabs


Wiring test

Take the inner side trim off of B pillar.
Carefully remove door switch, so you can tab into the wire easily. We will going to use (-) wire to your door light.
Run that wire to the fuse box area, run the wire under door silk trim to reach to the fuse box.
Tab the add on circuit fuse into the Always on / Power lock fuse so we can get the constant power even when the engine is off.
Wire the door light and and test to make sure the light turns on when you open the door, and off when you close it.
And disconnect the add on circuit fuse.


Carefully remove the door panel and remove the speaker as well.
Run the both wires to your door,
When you install the T-10 socket into your door lights, we recommend using a epoxy or glue to hold.
Test the LEDs and Re-install the door panel.

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