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Bi-Color LED Strip, 4P x 19Ch, 15000x350mil


White / Amber
Red / Amber

Product Details

Bi-Color LED Strip

4P x 19Ch

(4 LEDs in 1 channel and 19 channels total)

Length: 15 inch / 15000 mil
Heights: 0.35 inch / 350 mil

White/Amber or Red/Amber



Recommended parts




Sequential LED control module ver.1.10, for 1 color LED setup

Sequential LED control module ver.2.00, for 2 color LED setup


Pre-Cut wires

Pre-cut wire BLACK 22AWG 7.8inch/20cm

Pre-cut wire WHITE 22AWG 7.8inch/20cm

Pre-cut wire RED 22AWG 7.8inch/20cm

Pre-cut wire YELLOW 22AWG 7.8inch/20cm



15 Pin Female header

40 Pin Male to Male wire 20cm



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